Since it’s inception in 1981, GITEX has grown to be one of the most influential tech events on the planet.

We were honoured to be the only exhibitor from the former Yugoslavian region this year at GITEX Technology Week, which was held in Dubai.

We have presented our software solution for vertical integration in production – the AIDA software suite.

We were approached by interested parties from more than 30 countries worldwide.

Reflecting on our good experiences, we can only say one thing – we look forward to GITEX next year!

GItex Technology Week as the name suggests is an event dedicated to the IT and communications sector and presents the latest in cloud computing designs, automation software, ERP solutions, Data Mobility and security, tracking devices. An event that gives innovators and software giants an insight into the future of information technology and cloud computing, Gitex, along with seasoned players in the business also hosts new innovators and designers so that no speck of innovation is left unexplored. Providing inroads into the Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Government, Retail and Banking and Finance sectors, this IT event brings holistic solutions to the world’s most important industrial challenges. The award ceremonies and blogging hubs that form a part of this event were also a runaway hit within the IT industry.

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