Hikrobot is Creating New Value With TESCOMPO

Hikrobot is Creating New Value With TESCOMPO


Located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, Tescompo is one of the largest wide-area distribution processing centers in the northern Kanto region. To help customers speeding the logistics processing in peak season, after many rounds of proposals and further improvements, the owner became convinced Hikrobot offered the logistic solution to his needs.



Most of traditional retailers have inefficient manual picking methods. Our project owner is Converse, a famous sport brand all over the world. Different products can quickly turn into a confusing string of numbers. It’s hard to be found in the warehouse.

Moreover, labor costs increase every year due to the need to hire more pickers.



Altogether, Hikrobot arranged 14 mobile robots, including three groups for out of warehouse and one group for inbound warehouse in the 500 ㎡ space. The pick rate of 400 picks per hour can be realized for every station. Further, Hikrobot can connect PPS(Projection Picking System) and SAS(Shutter Sort System) systems, improving both the efficiency and accuracy of the order picking process to approaching 100%.

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Project Highlight:

1. Increased picking efficiency and accuracy

AMRs can reduce error rate and double productivity by orchestrating and optimizing work amongst workers and robots. PPS have an alarm system to remind if picking is wrong. AMRs can dramatically increase picks per hour, which means more capacity to complete orders with less staff.


2. Digital management

Hikrobot iWMS can connect with DPS to track picking process in real time. It’s important that digitize warehouse management to save time and money.

3. Ensure safety and reliability

There are the safety doors to ensure the persons safe. When the door is opened, all robots will stop.


Tescompo can appoint many fresh human resources and develop dynamic activities in anticipation of a new era of distribution as a vibrant intelligent logistics company.

There is no doubt that our wide experience brings security and confidence to our customers against any sorting problem that may arise in the transit of their goods.