Codel designed and manufactured a range of unique solutions tailored to the customer’s needs, in the areas of production management, labeling, identification and product tracking throughout their lifecycle. Also, Codel implemented a fully integrated, automated sophisticated production and distribution traceability (Track & Trace) solution, combined with material management and warehousing management.

Codel has been involved with marking and identification systems since 2000, managing all the markings and identification at the factory or production line.

In addition to the programme design and identification suite, Codel has developed an EDI middleware (AIDA) layer for data exchange with the SAP business system.

All of this is only possible with machine (SCADA) level connectivity. Codel’s suite integrated production lines and other electronic equipment into its unique system.

By using this technology and knowledge base, production processes, quality management, traceability of production and distribution become components of many customer’s business systems.