Wuhan Zhongbai Smart Logistics Project

Wuhan Zhongbai Smart Logistics Project


Zhongbai Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZHG) is a China-based company engaged in commodities retailing and chain supermarkets with 1200 stores across the country. It is the strategy partner of the famous convenience store franchise chain, Lawson.


In order to ensure that customers to get the best shopping experience, it is essential for ZHG to maintain high product availability for each store through the efficient distribution.


The average distribution volume per day for ZHG is around 20,000 boxes with 1700+ SKUs. Therefore, to handle the complex product sorting tasks and ensure the delivery timeliness, the smart warehouse and intralogistics solution from Hikrobot was introduced.


Our Solution

ZHG brought in 111 LMRs to cover the product sorting and outbound process across 4 floors in one building. Hikrobot RCS and iWMS system seamlessly integrated with the WMS and TMS system from ZHG to achieve full automation of the process.


The RCS-2000 System can carry out clusters control, traffic control and route optimization for AMR and has the advantage of easy and flexible layout changes and expansion. In this way you’ll have the centralized control of the 111 LMRs and easy management with the RCS-2000 functionality. The iWMS-1000 system allows flexible configuration for loading and unloading commodities, such as placing different and specific materials in a mix, setting the priority of boxes and realizing PTL distribution. The smart intralogistics solution improves ZHG’s sorting and delivery efficiency, and it is also able to utilize the storage space in maximum and respond to the massive sorting volume.



Customer Benefits

  • Double outbound efficiency: from 8,000 orders per hour to 16,000 orders per hour
  • Lower the work strength and cut labor input: reduced the staff amount of 50 people
  • Support scalable deployment according to needs: able to deal with 12,000 SKU and 1,300,000 commodities in stock
  • Digitalize the inventory information to be paperless and optimize the production management by allowing all the logistics employees to handle the work after being trained within half an hour