Wistron Project

Wistron Project


Wistron Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, is an ODM (original design manufacturer) providing a variety of support services related to design, manufacturing, and after-sales service for information and communication technology (ICT) products.With its HQ based in Taiwan, it has offices/ operations in Asia, North America and Europe, provide customers with Wistron-developed products to various markets around the world




·         Adapt to the Industry 4.0 transformation, improve operation efficiency and accuracy

·        Complex intralogistics scenarios included: from material reception, storage and transferring, to finished product inbound and outbound.

·        Meet the demand of multi SKUs, small batch production mode

·        Change the traditional work mode, optimize management


Build Global Smart Factory

01 Kunshan

2021 Lighthouse Factory

First AMR G2P project in manufacturing industry in China

Kunshan factory has introduced Hikrobot robotics solution in 2016. It was first AMR’s application in manufacturing in China.

As a pilot project, the robotics were applied in semi-product inbound and storage scenario, delivered unexpected performance.


02 Chongqing

In 2019, Wistron introduced our Forklift Mobile Robot to its Chongqing factory, to deal with different size pallets and diversified production scenarios, realized automated material transferring across plants.


03 Chengdu

In 2021, Wistron introduced latent mobile robot to the finish product storage in its Chengdu factory, integrate with the robotics arm system, realized unmanned transferring of the finished product.


04 Zhongshan

The intelligent lightless warehouse project starts from 2021, covering an area of nearly 4000m², with 1818 storage location. It Hikrobot FMR to realize centralized raw material management from receiving, transferring, storage and accounting.


05 Factory in SEA (South East Asia)

Based on the AMR applications in China, Wistron expands the AMR-based G2P mode to its factory in SEA (South East Asia).

This factory adopts LMR (latent Mobile Robot) and CTU(Carton Transfer Unit)to the in-between lines material transferring.

Different type of robots coordinate to realize automate material supply and transferring at the PCBA production line.



·        Robust and reliable, more than 5 years’ stable operation

·        Greatly improve logistics efficiency, reduce operation cost by 26%

·        Integrate with existing SFCS, PLC and WMS

·         Improve management level, realize lightless operation

·        Optimize work environment, highly flexible and scalable