Superdry is an iconic, global fashion brand operating through 768 store locations in 65 countries. Maintaining product availability, keeping efficient fulfillment, and processing the returns rapidly are essential for ensuring the best customer experiences. To support future growth, deliver accurate and efficient picking, Superdry introduced Hikrobot intelligent mobile robots.


Superdry introduced 46 robots into the Burton-uponTrent DC and 20 robots in European DC for order picking and returns handling. Meanwhile, combination of PTL and indicator light ensured the accuracy of order fulfillment.

Customer Benefit

Significantly improved work efficiency

Return processing speed tripled from 100 units per hour to 300-350 units, picking efficiency doubled from 90 units per hour to 180 units

Higher inventory utilization for returns

99% of returns can be processed and re-dispatched within 24 hours

Better operation accuracy

Operation accuracy is up to 99.9%