SF Supply Chain

SF Supply Chain


SF Supply Chain is one of the largest enterprises in the 3PL. In this project, the goods-ower is one of the leading companies in consumer electronics in China. With a 6-floor warehouse that occupies 36,000 square meters area, SF needs to deal with multiple orders with various SKUs. Ensuring the picking accuracy and improving the warehouse density is what SF is seeking.



Nearly 150 mobile robots were deployed in the storage and transition warehouse of SF, and together with the RCS and iWMS seamlessly docking with the SF’s upper-level systems, a smart warehouse was built.


The smart warehouse adopts double pick position and across-floor replenishment without manual checking-in to lower the labour intensity and greatly improve work efficiency.


Meanwhile, it also adopts a dense storage mode with multiple racks to enable automatic docking among latent mobile robots, forklift mobile robots and elevators, maximizing the field usage rate.




– Double workstation picking & replenishment greatly improve the picking efficiency by 30%.

– Multiple racks & dense storage efficiently enhance the field utilization by 40%.

– Qlik data integration offers real-time operation monitoring to ease the operation on-site.