Panasonic – Lights out embraces sustainability

Panasonic – Lights out embraces sustainability


Panasonic Housing BU (Hangzhou) is the intelligent factory mainly focuses on the production and R&D of electronic toilets, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and other products, covering 8 important production lines.

According to the business growth and fast-paced production demand, Panasonic Housing BU chooses the smart products (LMR&FMR) and logistics solution to improve efficiency while reducing costs. Additionally, intelligent warehouse will facilitate the automation and digitization transformation of the factory.                   


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FMR&LMR Cooperation

FMR and LMR can collaborate in a warehouse environment to achieve automated storage and handling of goods. The intelligent collaboration improves the speed and accuracy of goods handling.

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Paper-free Operation

Say goodbye to paper documents. With iWMS and RCS technology, automate the logistics process and record inventory information online, making the warehouse management more convenient and efficient.


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Automatic Running in the Dark Environment

Stay visible and stay active with LMR and FMR in the dark, enabling 24/7 factory automation and minimizing energy consumption.



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Customer Benefits


Improved productivity:

LMR and FMR can perform repetitive and tedious tasks at a faster pace and with greater precision, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing the wastage of human resources.


Cost reduction:

Intelligent warehouse solution can reduce labor costs. Additionally, they can run continuously for 24 hours, minimizing production downtime and idle equipment costs.


Realize Intelligent Warehouse Management:

Provide real-time visibility into warehouse operations, minimize travel time, maximize storage capacity, and reduce congestion.