GEELY & HIKROBOT – Build a Smart Factory Together

GEELY & HIKROBOT – Build a Smart Factory Together


Geely Auto Group is a leading automobile manufacturer based in Hangzhou, China and was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. With 12 production plants, Geely has been seeking for automated intralogistics solutions to speed up production and enhance the picking accuracy for many years.



One of the production plants of Geely in Hangzhou deployed Hirobot mobile robot solutions, covering the assembly, welding and knock-down procedures.

Assembly Workshop

There are numerous raw materials of different types in the assembly workshop, requiring massive picking tasks. In order to realize automated inbound and outbound delivery, Geely introduced AMRs to help with material handling. And through iWMS docking with the upper layer system, GLES from Geely, the production efficiency and picking accuracy are greatly improved with intelligent production management.


Welding Workshop

Nearly 150 AMRs were deployed in the welding workshop to realize automated material handling among welding production lines and the precise feeding of robotic arms. Taking the place of traditional tow tractors, the adoption of AMRs improved the efficiency of WIP delivery and allows working in the darkness to lower energy consumption.


KD Workshop

KD is an abbreviation for knock-down, a manufacturing technique where all the parts of a vehicle are shipped overseas so that they can be completely assembled locally. The KD workshop deployed both latent mobile robots and forklift mobile robots to automatically distribute raw materials onto the production line and the finished product off the line through the RCS docking with GKDMS.


Customer Benefits:

– Inbound & outbound efficiency increased by 20% with 100% accuracy in the assembly workshop.

– 28% reduced labor costs and energy consumption reduction in the welding workshop

– Doubled productivity with lowered labor intensity in the KD workshop