The Foshan plant is FAW-Volkswagen’s 4th plant in China, which covers approximately 1.66 million m2. Currently it is the production base of FAW-Volkswagen with the most models on the same production line. During peak period, 2,400 cars are produced per day, involving tens of thousands of components. To handle complex picking tasks and improve efficiency and accuracy, the mobile robots solution was introduced.


The intelligent logistics system adopted at the Foshan plant is complicated, which integrated FAW-Volkswagen’s FIS and PLP, Hikrobot’s RCS and iWMS, along with 47 LMRs. It is the first “Supermarket 2.0” solution in the automobile industry, that made factory-level collaborative intelligent logistics system a reality.

Customer Benefit

· Reduced manual work intensity by 30%

· Improved efficiency and accuracy: 100% outbound accuracy in warehouse and 100% on-time supply of components between production lines

· Real-time exchange of warehouse information

· Less repeated planning work: supports dynamic inventory arrangement, intelligent load balancing