Bosch HUAYU Steering Systems

Bosch HUAYU Steering Systems


With the largest business scale and market share in China’s steering systems market, Bosch HUAYU Steering Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as “BHSS”) runs the business covering various fields of rack-and-pinion automotive steering systems.

BHSS (Nanjing) takes an area of 93,000+ square meters, with Volvo, Changan Ford, Chery Jaguar Land Rover, BMW Brilliance, Beijing Benz, etc. as its customers.The conventional mode requires a lot of labor to realize material handling.

BHSS (Nanjing) introduces Hikrobot intelligent logistics solution for efficient and lean production.



Cooperating with Hikrobot, BHSS (Nanjing) carries the pioneer Smart Log Project targeting to build an integrated logistics solution of the whole process.The project introduces the latent mobile robot(LMR) and forklift mobile robot(FMR), covering the production line, raw material warehouse, and finished product warehouse.


The LMR and FMR using SLAM for navigation in the complex environment. Both type robot share same area, regarding of the different size and performance. FMR pick pallet from conveyer line and handover to LMR rack, thus realize efficient material transferring.

All robot has CE certification with safety sensor like laser, collision sensor, ultrasonic and etc., to ensure the safety of personal and material.


Higher production efficiency: cut the Material Response by 15mins

Higher space utilization: AMR + High-bay Warehouse, save the Storage Area by 5000+ ㎡

Reduced labor cost: saved 60+ manpower

Warehouse digitization: customer can monitor the AMR position in real time; Easier business management and inventor