BOE Technology

BOE Technology


BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., is an IoT company that provides intelligent interface products and professional services. For the traditional operation methods of its panels factory, it faces limited efficiency, heavy labor intensity, and low warehouse utilization. Meanwhile, a variety of SKUs and high-level cleanliness requirements impose higher demands for warehouse management.


To reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and inventory utilization, BOE introduced 35 latent mobile robots, which work with RCS and iWMS, to increase the intelligence in production and warehousing information management. The solution supports automatic transfer across floors, by docking with elevators and air shower rooms. In addition, robots satisfy strict cleanliness requirements.

Customer Benefit

Partitioned storage and management:

Realizes the partitioned storage of large/small materials and empty shelves
Increased space utilization

Reduces stacking, and site stains 
Reduced work strength and labor costs: 

Transferring materials to workstation automatically, reduces worker movements
Digital inventory management

iWMS communicates with upper-level WMS to deliver inventory information seamlessly