Beukay Cosmetics – Order Shipment Increased by 6 Times during Peak Season

Beukay Cosmetics – Order Shipment Increased by 6 Times during Peak Season


Founded in 2005, Beukay Cosmetics has created well-known brands such as Marie Dalgar, YES! IC, SO COOL SO ME, etc. It is a world-class cosmetics manufacturer partner to major global brands and private labels.


The expansion of online business and the rise of omnichannel sales brought a massive amount of small orders, which makes it challenging to improve the picking efficiency and achieve same-day or next-day delivery. The Yiwu warehouse of Marie Dalgar needs to store, pick and deliver beauty products with over 7,000 SKUs from 20+ brands in a 6-floor warehouse.


To improve work efficiency and increase order shipment, Beukay Cosmetics introduced Hikrobot integrated solution combining mobile robot and machine vision technology.


47 AMRs and 6 picking stations were deployed on each of the 2nd and 3rd floors in the warehouse to help with the picking and transportation. After receiving orders, the Hikrobot warehouse management system, iWMS, analyzes the order and makes smart batching to improve the rack hit rate and improve work efficiency. Under the same control of the Hikrobot robot control system, RCS, all the robots are dispatched for collaborative operations to transport the required racks to the designated picking station.



The packed parcels were transferred to the 1st floor by conveyors. Messy parcels were separated orderly by the Hikrobot singulation system, and then all the parcel information was scanned and uploaded to the software one by one through the six-sided barcode reading system to realize traceability. In this way, all the parcels were sorted and distributed automatically to their logistics companies and ready to be shipped to the customers.


Customer Benefits:

High picking efficiency: dual-picking mode, operators on-site no longer need to waste time waiting for the next rack in the sequence, one single workstation can pick 270 order lines per hour

Increase order shipment by 6 times: increased the average daily warehouse throughput to 50,000 orders

Reduce work intensity and operating costs: easy-to-use software and devices

Fully automated sorting and distribution: seamless integration among the sorting equipment, singulation system and six-sided barcode reading system