Bestore Co., Ltd – Double the Speed of Snack Delivery with Hikrobot AMR Solution

Bestore Co., Ltd – Double the Speed of Snack Delivery with Hikrobot AMR Solution


BESTORE, known as the “Kingdom of Snacks”, has increased sales in both its online and offline businesses since 2006. The company operates 2,100 stores in 95 cities in China market, and during one shift, 50,000 boxes of snacks need to be picked. In the online business, 85,000 parcels have to be shipped in one shift.

To handle the huge demand of orders and ensure on-time delivery, smart warehouse and goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfillment solutions from Hikrobot were introduced.



234 AMRs were deployed to cover the inbound delivery, replenishment process, GTP order fulfillment and outbound process across 5 floors in one building. The intelligent AMR solution also seamlessly docks with the vertical warehouse, and automatic conveyors to automate the entire intralogistics flow.


Customer Benefits

1.     1.5 – 2X Work Efficiency with lowered Labor Intensity

With Hikrobot goods-to-person solution, on-site pickers only need to wait for AMRs to bring goods to them and perform picking at workstations, reducing work intensity and improving work efficiency by 1.5 to 2 times. The picking efficiency per picker for online orders is improved from 180 orders to 300+ orders per day and for offline orders is improved from 250 boxes to 500 boxes per day.


2.   Intelligent Maintenance

The robot control system (RCS) from Hikrobot regularly sends notifications of maintenance information to BESTORE’s EIS system and reminds the staff to do regular maintenance on the AMRs, which is easy and convenient.

3.   Seamless Integration

Hikrobot RCS and warehouse control system (WCS) dock with BESTORE’s EIS system and automatic door controller respectively to realize the full automation among the AMRs, the inbound and outbound conveyors and the automatic door controller.


4.   Digitalized Warehouse Management

Digitalize the inventory information and track the entire intralogistics process to improve inventory accuracy.