BENTELER Automotive – Realizing Smart Intralogistics with High ROI

BENTELER Automotive – Realizing Smart Intralogistics with High ROI


BENTELER Automotive is one of the biggest divisions of BENTELER Group, a global company serving customers in automotive technology, the energy sector and mechanical engineering. In order to improve workplace safety and achieve an annual production output of 310,000 sets of vehicle axles and 100,000 frames with higher work efficiency, BENTELER Automotive (Shenyang) introduced the Hikrobot Goods-to-Person solution.


Supported by visual SLAM and inertial navigation, 9 Latent Mobile Robots (LMR) were deployed in the factory of BENTELER Automotive (Shenyang) to realize over 300 automated material handling tasks per day from the warehouse to production lines.

The LMRs were involved in three key steps during the manufacturing process, including front axle, rear axle and welding to realize automated delivery of self-made spare parts, outsourced spare parts and assemblies.

Customer Benefits:

Maximize Workplace Safety
The deployed LMRs are equipped with multiple integrated safety sensors to detect and avoid all the obstacles around the robots automatically. Interacting with indicator lights, traffic lights and traffic gates, the LMRs can maximize workplace safety.

Enhance the Product Quality
Equipped with large lifting plates, the deployed LMRs ensure stability when handling large material boxes.

Improve Field Utilization Rate
The deployed LMR requires narrower aisle width than a traditional forklift, which greatly improves the field utilization rate.

Realize Intelligent Warehouse Management
Realize warehouse management digitization and traceability of all materials.